1. Bring your ideas to life

Our team of design consultants help you straighten out the details, explain your options and guide you through each step to design a unique engagement ring.

2. Visualized in 3D

We will create detailed sketches, 3D renderings, models and 3D printed prototypes while we fine tune everything until you say its perfect and choose material of your choice.

ca. 1 245 SEK



ca. 2 100 SEK


ca. 2 100 SEK


ca. 4 890 SEK



3. Finished by hand

From the design team to our gemmologist to our experienced jewelers, your project is handled with outmost skill, care and knowledge. Always finished by hand in Stockholm.

4. Made to last a lifetime

Receive your unique jewelry, with the assurance that it has been made to be worn and hold a lifetime.

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