No one wants to carry the guilt of environmental destruction and human right violations on their jewelry. Yet, that is the disturbing reality of what happens when mining for precious metals and diamonds.

At VE AND VILE we believe in being transparent about our work in creating unique jewelry that’s ethically made with sustainable materials. Our goal is to bring awareness to the horrors of traditional mining and why we’re pioneering the 4th industrial revolution with 3D printing.

traditional mining
The traditional mining industry uses invasive methods that not only support child labour but create permanent damages to the environment. The term “blood diamonds” is a scary reality as children and adults die from the unstable mining pits they are forced to work in, or from excavating in rivers which can be dangerous due to drowning. There are two kinds of mining techniques used to obtain precious metals and diamonds. Those being, industrial mining and artisanal mining.
Industrial mining is extremely geologically invasive. A large plot of land has its landscape completely destroyed using mining drills and blasting tools to create an open pit. Artisanal mining focuses on earth “naturally” excavating the precious metals and diamonds from land. However, both types of mining use child labour and gravely abuse human rights. The pollution of air, water and soil from any form of mining is a global threat.

Mercury is a dangerous substance that is used in processing gold. This chemical causes permanent brain damage when overexposed to it. The United Nations Environmental department stated that around 1,400 tons of mercury are released yearly from the mining industry.

Villagers and Indigenous people have been gravely affected by the mining industry. If their grounds are prosperous in precious metals, they can be forcibly removed from their lands. Also, their livelihood is affected, as dangerous pollution of tailings (mining residue), leakages, and accidents occur that affect the soil and fishing supply.

On August 2nd, 2006 an astronaut took a photo of a mine located in Butte, Montana that excavated gold, silver and copper. This photo was taken from the International Space Station. It is scary that even from space, you can see the environmental damages the mining industry has done.

3D Printing
Our products are directly printed into the desired form you want, which removes the need for mass production and an accumulation of waste.

VE AND VILE believe beautiful jewelry should never danger a person’s life, only enrich. Through 3D printing, lab grown diamonds and digitizing manufacturing, VE AND VILE have found the way to make your sparkling unique jewelry at a fraction of the cost, while ending child labour and restricting an ecological footprint.

3D printing generates less waste in creating products by not having to refine the material using drills or cutting. Overall the amount of energy waste and carbon footprint is drastically reduced. The environmental impacts of bringing together materials, transporting, and storing are completely or nearly eliminated.

Water usage is minimized through 3D printing. When melting the precious metals, the traditional mining industry requires an abundance of water to extract and continuously rinse the product throughout its various stages. The use of 3D printing only requires water for on demand production, which is used within the 3D printer itself and to polish the jewelry.

blood diamonds
Diamonds are traded, exported and processed in various countries by the time a jewelry piece is in your hands.

It’s nearly impossible to trace the origins of a diamond. Distinguishing if your diamond is “conflict” driven, from child labour or has severely impacted the environment is unfeasible.

lab grown diamonds
We offer lab grown diamonds. These diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as naturally mined diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are a revolutionary process that ends the use of unethical or unsustainable extraction of diamonds. Our use of lab grown diamonds allow you to choose from over a million different styles of cuts, colours and carats. You as an individual have the freedom to design and create a jewelry piece that is only yours, no one else will ever have what you have created. VE AND VILE found it an easy choice to use lab grown diamonds instead of mining for them. Why buy a diamond that has devastated the planet and the lives of those who extracted it, when there is an alternative that produces the same quality and fancy effect for half the cost?

The process of lab grown diamonds consists of a small diamond seed, which is then placed in carbon, under high pressure and temperature. There are two kinds of ways a diamond can be lab grown, VE AND VILE uses both techniques: High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

HPHT uses three different processes to grow a diamond which all incorporate the use of carbon and extremely high pressure and temperature. CVD uses a hydrocarbon gas mixture to grow a diamond. The diamond seed is placed in a chamber that is filled with mostly carbon and other gasses, an ionized process takes place and the diamond seed begins to grow.

the cost
Through 3D printing we found that we could cut costs and offer prices 70% lower than jewelry sold at traditional retailers today.

Not only that but it also results in much higher quality and the customer gets to design exactly what they desire.

When you buy a diamond, it has a markup value of 100% to 200% from traditional retail suppliers. It can take years to be able to financially afford a diamond ring for the love of your life. You feel that your special someone is the only one in the whole world for you, why buy an overpriced ring that is replicated hundreds of times?

Having a gorgeous diamond ring doesn’t need to be expensive. Instead, that money could be used to experience special moments together, on a fancy exotic getaway or used to build a future together. We believe that jewelry does not have to cost years of saving in order to give to loved ones.

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