ve and vile

Telling your story with a piece of jewelry should be simple and transparent.

Ve and Vile are the two brothers of the norse God Odin. They shared a decisive role in the creation of the world. We we're fascinated by the mythical story behind VE AND VILE and it's significance to our Nordic heritage.
"Said to be the first 'smiths', they fought the giant Ymir, and crafted the cosmos from his body."-Nick Nicksan, Co founder Fables portray VE AND VILE as the Nordic balance, good and bad, best of both worlds. Other legends depict VE AND VILE as Odin's two different states of mind.
Story of Ve and Vile inspired us to wed into our Nordic heritage. It enables anyone to express their own unique fables with bespoke jewelry. We make your wildest ideas come to life; if you can imagine it, we can design and produce it.

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